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2022-05-28 15:15:32 By : Mr. Allen He

IN-VISION Technologies AG, an Austrian optics specialist, announces the launch of the AVATAR DLP light Projector, the next major step in UV light projector technology. It is the first 4K Light Engine designed specifically for industrial applications. AVATAR enables users of 3D printing and lithography to expose a larger area at high resolution than was previously possible, as well as to make moving exposures with high optical performance.

Until today, 4K in DLP Light Projection was usually accomplished by repositioning WGXGA-Chip pixels to improve image resolution. This method increased resolution while keeping image size constant. Texas Instruments’ new chipset, due for release in mid-2022, offers a radical improvement: it has a “native” resolution of 4096×2176. IN-VISION, as a Texas Instruments Design House partner, is working on the first industrial UV DLP Light Projector based on this chipset.

Some of the main features of the flagship-system will be:

“AVATAR is an exciting development, the new projection system redefines the boundaries of DLP technology in Additive Manufacturing and lithography”

CEO Florian Zangerl added, “First Pre-Series- Models of the next-generation Light Engine will be available for Lead Customers in the fourth quarter of 2022”.

Serial production of AVATAR is expected for 2023. IN-VISION’s Lead-Customer-Program closes soon, but minor adaptions can still be taken into account.

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